Can chat tools empower ecommerce to handle Cyber Monday better?

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The holiday sales season is fast approaching. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals around the corner, ecommerce sites are going to be flooded with shoppers trying to make the most of it.

Reports over the last few years suggest that ecommerce sites see an average of 115% increase in traffic during November compared to other months, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday driving the biggest demand.

Higher number of visitors is directly proportional to the need for increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of engaging customers. It is also observed that the chat sessions on ecommerce sites with customer support agents are longer by an average of 2 minutes, than usual.

What this means is, on a typical Cyber Monday, your prospects waiting for first contact from your agents can go up by 200%. And, in terms of customer engagement – you cannot let high traffic be a reason for poor service.

As an ecommerce company, there are two parts to your preparation:
1) Building the necessary ammo for sales and marketing
2) Bolstering your customer engagement and support

So, how can ecommerce companies set themselves up for the surge in traffic and yet offer the best customer experience?

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