BigCommerce SEO Case Study: How to Improve SEO When Moving to BigCommerce

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In general, hosted eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce (also, Shopify) are not great places to host content like blog posts or educational resources. They all have out-of-the-box blog solutions, but the blogging tools that come with the platforms are extremely limited compared to the most robust blogging software ever: WordPress.

Thus, our recommendation to eCommerce brands for setting up your blog is to decide how much you will invest in it:

– If you plan to have only a few posts, it will be easiest to just use the built-in, out-of-the-box blogging solution from BigCommerce, Shopify or whatever your hosted eCommerce platform is.

-But if you plan to have, or already have, a lot of content (like Home Science Tools did) or if you want to customize lots of details about your blog (exact look and feel, social share plugins, email capture, pop-ups, etc.) then you’ll want to use WordPress.

Having a WordPress hosted blog with a store on BigCommerce has never been easy.

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