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My name is Scott Graham. I’m an Atlanta-based marketer & experience designer specializing in growth hacking.

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Scott Graham - Growth Hacker - UX - Marketer

This is me. As a growth hacker, I help companies design products and campaigns that grow their businesses.

One of the originators of the field, Sean Ellis, defined a growth hacker as “a person whose true north is growth.”

This absolute focus on growth has given rise to a number of methods, tools, and best practices, that simply don’t exist in the traditional marketing, UX, or product design repertoire. My cross-discipline strategies utilize engineering, behavioral and cognitive design, and innovative marketing techniques to increase sales, customers, and viral referrals.


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Growth Hacking Services

Experience Design

A successful growth hacking strategy starts with the product itself whether it be an application, website, service, or media content. Today, users are awash in choices and won’t pay attention to the next best product, regardless of how good it is. I work to design experiences that achieve a product-market fit and utilize happy customers to help grow your business for you.

Growth Hacking Strategy

A strong growth initiative must be within the parameters of a scalable and repeatable, driven by the product and inspired by data. Fast growth is not housed in marketing & sales alone but driven by product instincts living at the intersection of data, product design, behavior, media and marketing.

Virality & Campaign Strategy

Research shows that the largest contributor to purchase decisions are based on word-of-mouth recommendations. This virality is not an accident but is engineered into the product experience and content with the goal of achieving exponential growth through viral referral loops.

SEO Consulting

Search engine optimization is often the most efficient, repeatable source of new customer audiences through their lifecycle. Like virality, success in SEO is a result of integrated strategies within web, content, product, social, and email workflows. Whether you are a local business or a Fortune 100, I  can use the most advanced techniques along with innovative Whitehat strategies to boost drive the right people to your product.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is akin to fixing the holes in the hose before trying to fill up the pool. We utilize data and analytics to build the best conversion pages and sales options to massively increase the ROI on traction and marketing channels.

Business Strategy

As an experienced entrepreneur and venture fund partner, I have vast experience in evaluating and developing business strategy from formation and seed through funding rounds, building strategic networks and partnerships, and team formation and training. Together, we can build a strategy that customers and investors will love.

Growth Hacking Training & Workshops

Workshops & Training

Wanting to learn more about Growth Hacking, its tools, and its strategies? My custom interactive workshops and seminars are tailored to your needs and interests. Topics covered include basic to advanced growth hacker areas such as traction channel design, viral coefficient optimization, churn, search and social hacks, user experience mapping, content/inbound marketing, and more.

What my clients say about me and my work

Scott is a revolutionary in the field of marketing and product design. His guidance not only helped us reshape our product but align our entire business philosophy towards success.

I have had the pleasure of woking with Scott on a number of businesses and products. He is an essential part of starting any new venture or finding growth in an established business.

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